Twitter launches New Live Video API that makes it easier to Publish Live Videos to Twitter

Twitter Live Video APi

Twitter just launched a new Live Video API that makes it a lot easier for media publishers to broadcast live video on Twitter.

The Live Video API will enable companies to connect professional video editing and broadcasting equipment directly to Twitter. You can connect big cameras, editing boards, desktop editing software, satellite vans and more to the social platform. This will help media publishers directly broadcast live videos from their equipment without spending time on making them Twitter-friendly.

The Live Video API is more powerful than Twitter’s Periscope Producer which merely allows you to send videos to a destination URL from software like OBD or Wirecast. According to TechCrunch, it is similar to Facebook Live API launched last April, that allows you to directly connect professional equipment to social medium. It also mentioned that Twitter has signed up Telestream, Wirecast, and Livestream Switcher as the API partners that will help publishers use the API.

Since Twitter is all about “Now”, it is natural for publishers and content creators to post live videos to Twitter, instead of Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

There are couple of reasons why Twitter’s Live content is still thin. Periscope is their main broadcasting app but it doesn’t have Twitter’s reach nor does it integrate well with devices other than laptop, tablets & mobile. Therefore, it didn’t find much adoption among large media publishers who use professional equipment to create videos instead of a smartphone camera.

Although Twitter had added the ability to broadcast live straight from its mobile app, it was being used more by general public or semi-pro vloggers. Hopefully, the new Live API will convince more professional content owners and creators to post their content to Twitter.