Walmart Launches Tech Incubator in Silicon Valley

walmart tech incubator silicon valley

Walmart is creating a Tech Incubator in Silicon Valley that focuses on radically changing how people do shopping. Called Store No. 8, after the Arkansas store where Walmart founder Sam Walton used to test out new features, it will work on developing next-gen technologies in the field of Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Drone Delivery and […]

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“Dig Once” US Bill could bring High-Speed Fiber Internet to majority of the country

dig once us bill

Soon your entire city might be powered by High-Speed Fiber Internet, thanks to a new proposal that’s gaining momentum. On Tuesday, a coalition of Tech & Free-Market groups, urged the leaders of U.S. House Energy and Commerce Communications and Technology Subcommittee to support “dig once” policies that would enable installation of broardband cabled along federally funded […]

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Apple thinking of iPhone as a MacBook touchpad

apple iphone macbook touchpad

As discovered by Apple Insider, Apple has created a patent that shows the company experimenting with the idea of laptop-style docking stations that can hold an iPhone or iPad. The first shows a docking station that looks like Macbook where you can dock an iPhone as its touchpad. iPhone does most of the processing with Macbook like […]

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Deeplink adds in-app search for iOS similar to Google Now

deeplinking facebook zappos rockport

Deeplinking technology has been slowly gaining momentum in the mobile ecosystem. Just like hyperlinks take you from one web page to another, deeplinks take you from one app to a particular point in another. For example, when you tap a video search result in google search app, it opens in YouTube app., one of the […]

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ARM’s new chip to focus on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

arm chip dynamiq

ARM has unveiled its next generation of processor architecture named DynamIQ. Chips built using DynamIQ, ARM says, will allow manufacturers to build more powerful systems on its chips that are tailored for computation-heavy tasks from Artificial Intelligence to Self-Driving Cars. “It’ll be in smartphones and tablets, for sure, but also automotive networking and a whole range […]

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