6 Ways Banking & Finance Industry use BI Tools to Grow Faster

Technology has enabled Banks and Financial Institutions to grow from national businesses to global giants capable of managing diverse set of clients across the world. Internet, apps and mobile devices have raised client expectations, increased competition and compelled banks to spot risks upfront and mitigate them quickly. Here are 5 ways banks & financial institutions use […]

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5 Customer Satisfaction KPIs You Should be Tracking

Happy Customers are the best brand ambassadors for any business. They spread good word and bring repeat sales that drives revenues and helps your business grow faster. However, unless you measure & monitor customer satisfaction regularly, it’s difficult to point out what you can improve and what’s working well. That’s where Customer Satisfaction KPIs come in. […]

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How Pharma Companies Use BI to Stay Ahead of the Game

Typically, companies gather their own data and then analyze it. This is a time-consuming process and so most people rely on gut instincts to make business decisions. However, the Pharma industry is a highly data-driven one due to the presence of third party data vendors such as IMS that make it easy for every company to obtain clean, […]

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5 Sales KPIs Every Sales Leader Should Monitor Regularly

It can be tough being a sales manager. You need to constantly monitor your team’s performance, set sales goals and manage business operations. Unless you’re regularly present on the field, you have to rely on field representatives to be your eyes & ears in the market. However, sales leaders can effectively monitor their team’s activity, compare […]

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5 Factors to Consider while Evaluating BI Solutions

As your business grows, you’ll feel the need to use a Business Intelligence Solution to gain meaningful insights from your data and grow faster. BI Tools enable you to monitor your day-to-day operations and get actionable business intelligence to find new growth areas. But how do you choose a BI solution that drives your business to greater […]

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7 Key Inventory Metrics every Business Should know

You’ve launched your business and are getting orders from customers. As your customer base grows over time, you build an inventory of products to ship them as soon as possible and handle new customers. But how do you ensure that your inventory management runs like a clockwork? How do you take your business to the next […]

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5 Key Sales Metrics for Small Businesses

Small Businesses try out various marketing tactics in order to grow sales as much as possible. However, unless you measure the impact of your efforts, it’s difficult to know what’s working and what isn’t. That’s where sales metrics come in. Sales metrics tell you exactly how your efforts are doing, where you can spend more and which […]

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4 Steps to Plan Your Next BI Project Effectively

business data analytics use cases

Launching a new BI project or initiative can snowball into a problem, if not planned carefully. It’s important to understand the end result – what your organization hopes to achieve, what are the business objectives of the initiative – and work backwards to design your project. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on […]

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5 Customer Support Metrics Every Business Should be Tracking

customer service metrics

Happy customers form the bedrock of every successful business. They grow your revenues, bring repeat business and spread the word about your brand. An amazing customer experience goes a long way in making your customers happy. To do that, it’s necessary to know what your customers want and understand their pain points. However, it’s not […]

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