Kanbanery review, Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons, Advantages & Disadvantages

kanbanery review pricing features pros and cons

Kanbanery is a visual agile project management software that helps you manage projects better using lean methodology such as Kanban boards. It is quite customizable and also offers an iOS app. Here’s our Kanbanery review to help you decide if it is the right project management tool for your business


Kanbanery review, Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons, Advantages & Disadvantages

Here’s our Kanbanery review, its pricing, features, pros and cons


Kanbanery Review

Kanbanery is similar to Trello, and allows users to create Kanban boards for each project, add cards (tasks) to each board and assign team members, task status, and due dates.

This makes it easy to organize your tasks and projects in one place, share them with your team and collaborate effectively. When one user updates a card/board, the changes are reflected on those of other team members. It even provides an iOS app to keep yourself up-to-date no matter where you are.

Every new board starts with 3 columns – to do, doing & done. You can customize them or add/remove columns. You can even set a limit on number of cards per column. You can even collapse columns and hide completed task, in case of large projects where you have a crowded board.

Each cards can have many details such as owner, estimated time, type, effort required, priority, and more. You can also add tags, labels, comments and attachments to each task.

Kanbanery also allows you to create subtask as well as view task history. You can also add blockers to tasks explaining why they were not completed. Similarly, there is also an Icebox feature where you can store ideas & tasks for the future, and move them to your boards any time.

Benefits of Kanbanery include robust kanban boards with lots of customization and ease of use.


Kanbanery Features

  • Intuitive UI
  • Easy to use
  • Kanban board customizations
  • Team collaboration
  • Customizable cards
  • Real-time updates
  • Task Distribution graphs
  • Advanced reporting
  • CSV Import
  • iOS app


Kanbanery Pricing

Kanbanery offers 4 simple pricing plans suitable for SMBs and enterprises.

  • Freelancer – $24/month (billed monthly) or $22/month (billed annually)
    • 5 users
    • Unlimited file storage
    • Unlimited boards
  • Startup – $49/month (billed monthly) or $44/month (billed annually)
    • 10 users
    • Unlimited file storage
    • Unlimited boards
  • Small Firm – $90/month (billed monthly) or $99/month (billed annually)
    • 25 users
    • Unlimited file storage
    • Unlimited boards
  • Corporate – $249/month (billed monthly) or $229/month (billed monthly)
    • 50 users
    • Unlimited file storage
    • Unlimited boards


Kanbanery Pros and Cons


  • Robust task management
  • Intuitive UI
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable pricing


  • Lacks some of core project management features like time tracking, budgeting, resource planning


Final Verdict

Kanbanery is a great Kanban-based project and task management tool for small-medium businesses. It provides many features and customizations to help you manage simple to complex projects in your organization. If you are a small-medium business looking for a simple, easy-to-use Kanban tool with customization options, then Kanbanery isĀ  a good option for your business.




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