How to Use Trello for Project Management – Complete Guide

how to use trello

Managing a project can quickly turn stressful and frustrating unless you have everything efficiently organized and easily accessible when you need it. This includes pending tasks, goals, and also your teammates. A project management tool can come in handy here and streamline things for you and the team. Though there are plenty of project management tools available, one name that comes out on top every time is Trello. Simplicity is the one distinctive factor that separates Trello from the rest. So, let’s look at how to use Trello and reinvent yourself as a master of organization!


Don’t Be Fooled By Its Simplicity

It is a powerful project management tool and can be used to effectively increase your team’s productivity or even your own. It is suitable for all business areas including UX testing and software development. And the best part is it can be used by team members across the world with ease at the same time. Trello is also highly suitable for Agile
tactics and you can make use of Kanban methodology to operate a Kanban work flow with Trello. So, now let’s see how to use Trello to manage a project that involves your team.


Initiate a team space

Give it an appropriate title and a brief description if you’d like.


Put up boards

Every line of activity that makes up your board needs to get a board of its own. For instance, a content marketing project will have a content calendar as an essential element meriting a separate board.


Gather your team

Invite team members to their respective boards depending on their role in the project. If they are already on Trello, you can simply add them and for those not on Trello, you can send an email invite with the signup link that will also lead to guidance on how to use Trello.


Make lists

On every board, you can put in lists related to various stages of the process involved. Thus, a content marketing project is likely to see a ‘To Do’ list alongside ‘Writing’, ‘Editing’, and ‘Publish’, to name a few.


Add cards

Tasks can be further split into various cards. Here, one card will equal one task. This way, you can divide each list further into cards to give you a comprehensive overview of the work being done by the whole team


Assign tasks

By adding team members to the respective cards, you can effectively distribute the work all around. Another way of assigning responsibility is by mentioning people in the ‘Comments’ section and tagging them.


Mark deadlines

You can assign due dates to every card to ensure timely deliveries and completion of the entire project without any delays.


Fill in details

For every list, you can add descriptions, checklists with sub tasks, and necessary files as attachments. This enables quick and easy access to relevant information across the team.


The flexibility that Trello affords has led to its immense popularity across different organizational systems. It is extremely easy to master and use besides offering you the capability to track time spent on individual cards.


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