Google Maps adds New Feature to Save Your Parking Spot

google maps save parking spot location

Google Maps just added a really useful feature to save your parking spot. It may seem like a small update but it is really helpful in many ways.

After you park your car, just open up Google Maps and tap on the blue location dot. You’ll see a menu with one of the options being “Save Your Parking” which lets you store all the information you need to find your spot. When you tap this option, Google Maps will store this spot and add a big “P” icon to your map. You’ll also see a new card at the bottom of the screen.

google maps save parking spot

You can swipe the card up to add more information such as notes, photos and even change the location. This is really useful when you’re parked in a multistorey parking lot. You can swipe the card up and adjust the location, add photos of your parking spot and even add notes. If you’re parked on a meter, you can even set a “time left” field that will count down the time remaining.

google maps save parking spot


Once you’ve saved the parking spot, Google Maps will send you notification reminding you about it. The notification will remain in the map until you remove it by tapping ‘clear’.

You can even share your parking location with others, in case your meeting someone.

Although Google had tried to add this feature before using Google Now, it didn’t work this well. Google Now used to automatically guess your parking location based on your Android’s activity. This was not always accurate. Even GPS-based parking saving didn’t work properly in those big underground parking lots where GPS was not available. The latest iteration allows users to precisely adjust the parking location, and even add more info to help you find it easily.

As pointed out by Ars Technica, this feature works only on Android Google Maps v9.49. Since there’s hardly any difference between the iOS & Android versions of Google Maps, it is expected to be soon available in App store, once it clears the App store’s update process.

Seems like Google has solved many little inconveniences that people face while parking their cars, at one go. Do try it out and let us know what you think about it.