Google Kills GTalk. Will replace it with Google Hangouts on June 26

gtalk gchat

Starting June 26, popular chat app Google Talk will no longer be available.

Google has announced that it will be shutting down Gtalk and users will be transitioned to Google Hangouts. In the next few weeks, Google said, that Gmail users will get an invite to move to Hangouts. After June 26, they will be switched automatically.

Launched in 2005, Google Talk (GChat or Gtalk as it was known) quickly went on to become one of the most popular chat apps along with the likes of Skype and Yahoo Messenger. Gtalk provided a simple interface for gmail users to talk to each other, have group chats, send files and even make audio/video calls. However, its downhill journey began in 2013, when Google Hangouts was launched as a part of its Social Platform Google Plus.

Ever since Google Plus failed, Google has been taking apart its most powerful features such as Hangouts, Photos, Videos, and trying to promote them as standalone products. With the meteoric success of Slack, it has found an opportunity to compete in the enterprise chat space.

Google has been focusing a lot on making Google Hangouts as its business-friendly chat application to take on Slack. In a recent re-branding attempt, it split Hangouts into Chat & Meet, and also announced the removal of SMS messaging from Hangouts.

It has also renamed Google Messenger to Android Messenger for SMS services. If all this confusion wasn’t enough, on the consumer side, it has Allo & Duo (to compete with Whatsapp & FB Messenger).