Google Fiber Cancels Hundreds of Installations in Kansas City

google fiber kansas city

After waiting for years to access Google’s super high-speed internet (Google Fiber), hundreds of Kansas City residents have received a mail from Google saying their installations have been cancelled, and their deposits will be returned within a couple of weeks.

While it is not clear as to why the cancellations happened, but Google has mailed its customers saying it will be unable to build its network to connect their home or business for the time being.

Kansas City was the first location selected to launch Google Fiber in 2012. It has been able to provide high speed internet in several areas in Kansas City and continues to expand to areas like Raymore and Overland Park.

However, over the past few years, it seems Google might have accepted deposits in areas where it has found it difficult to bring the project – either due to legal issues or corporate decisions or lack of critical mass. As Bloomberg reports Google has become more careful in choosing new areas for Google Fiber, preferring those places where it will be able to quickly introduce the service.

Ever since Google became a part Alphabet, Google Fiber has had a hard time staying alive. The high cost of laying internet cables and the rapid emergence of wireless technology have resulted in massive layoffs and cost-cutting measures for Google Fiber.

Alphabet seems to be leaning towards wireless technology, using its company WebPass to provide High-Speed wireless internet in densely populated areas such as Boston, Chicago, Denver, Miami, Oakland, San Diego, and San Francisco.

It’s understandable considering the fact that wireless technology involves lesser regulations, lower costs and provides greater scalability.

When it was launched 5 years ago, Google Fiber was a prestigious Google moonshot. With Alphabet killing off its moonshots one by one, it’s sad to see such a useful project die a slow death.