Deeplink adds in-app search for iOS similar to Google Now

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Deeplinking technology has been slowly gaining momentum in the mobile ecosystem. Just like hyperlinks take you from one web page to another, deeplinks take you from one app to a particular point in another. For example, when you tap a video search result in google search app, it opens in YouTube app., one of the largest deep linking platforms for iOS & Android, has launched a new iOS SDK called AppWords Assistant, an in-app search feature. It allows developers display relevant content when a user performs a search, based on historical user actions in the app.

AppWords Assistant will be available for free to try for the next few months.

Whether you use predictive texting, voice or other means, it’s always a hurdle for mobile users to search for information and take an action based on search results. AppWords wants to eliminate this friction by figuring what you might want to do next and, based on your app usage data.

Most of the applications of deeplinking are in the area of Ecommerce, where apps use deep-linked cards to prompt the next action based on your last transaction. These apps have the need to retain the users as long as possible and convert as many as possible. Currently, many commerce apps currently lack the feature to send users to relevant content. For example, after a you’ve booked a flight on a travel app, it can figure out if you want to book a car, hotel, restaurant, etc and show the right prompt.

Do try it out and let us know what you think.