Asana vs Trello: Which is the Best Project Management Software?

asana vs trello

Are you able to manage your multiple projects effectively and deliver them on time? If not, you might like to consider using project management software to make your business more productive. There is a multitude of project management applications in the market. All of them proclaim to be the best. How do you find the best fit for your business? Today, we compare Asana vs Trello to help you figure out which project management software would suit your business needs the best.


Overview of Trello vs Asana

Trello is a card-based project management tool that lets you organize tasks on Kanban boards. You can visually manage all kinds of projects. Moreover, it allows you to set time and date when the task is due. Trello’s interface is simple and intuitive, and you can customize the screen by dragging and dropping the lists and cards.

Asana is a useful tool for workflow and task management. Its interface is clean, and like Trello, it’s also customizable. You can manage your project via boards, lists, calendars, and timeline. It also lets you to assign tasks to individual team members with a specific deadline.


How Trello Works?

Trello’s board is a list of lists, featuring cards. You can add comments by opening a card. It also lets you upload file attachments, create checklists, add labels, and due dates. Moreover, you can invite peoplefrom outside to your board. If tasks have to be divided, you can drag and drop people to cards; everyone can see the same board.

Conversation can be started by adding a quick note or a detailed comment. And it notifies you of important developments within the app, via email, sends desktop notifications via browser, or via mobile push notifications.


How Asana Works?

Asana enables you to organize your team, work, and the work-related conversations. It lets you make tasks for work that has to be done today, this week, or later. Not only that, you can also make tasks for your team members. Moreover, by creating projects, which are lists of tasks, you can organize all the relevant tasks to achieve a goal. After adding the tasks to a project, you can add the due date and project members. Asana also allows you to assign, collaborate and track your work with your team.



When it comes to Asana vs Trello’s integrations, Asana is a better option, although it offers lesser integrations than Trello. Asana offers around 60 plus. However, as it offers integration with Zapier, you get to connect Asana with dozens of tools. Moreover, its free plan does not have a cap on integrations.

Trello offers more than 150 power-ups (integrations). If you are using its free plan, you can add only one power-up per board.



You can use Asana for free if your team comprises of 15 members or less. The free plan offers a basic search, basic dashboard, and unlimited number of tasks, projects, and conversations. It has two paid pricing tiers: Premium — 9.99/member/month; and Enterprise, which offers more support and control. You have to contact the customer support to get Enterprise’s price quote.

Trello offers three pricing plans: free, business class ($9.99 per user/month), and enterprise ($20.83/per user/month). Unlike Asana, Trello’s free version can be used by unlimited users. It also offers unlimited boards, lists, cards, members, checklists, and attachments. You can attach files up to 10MB. However, you can use one power-up per board.



If you want simple project management software, Trello is the right solution for you. However, consider opting for Asana if you’re going to handle complex projects that need plenty of integrations.



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