Apple thinking of iPhone as a MacBook touchpad

apple iphone macbook touchpad

As discovered by Apple Insider, Apple has created a patent that shows the company experimenting with the idea of laptop-style docking stations that can hold an iPhone or iPad.

The first shows a docking station that looks like Macbook where you can dock an iPhone as its touchpad. iPhone does most of the processing with Macbook like docking station acting as large projector screen. It would be useful if the Macbook keyboard can also be used to type into your iPhone.

iphone macbook touchpad

The second one is more like a keyboard for iPad where you can dock an iPad in place of the Macbook screen. Unless I’ve missed something, I’m not sure if it’s much useful, considering there are already better designed iPad keyboards by Apple.

ipad macbook docking station

However, there are a few problems evident with these docking stations.

Firstly, the way people use mobiles & laptops are fundamentally different. People update their phones regularly, and replace their iPhones every year or two. Whereas, people keep their MacBooks for at least 4-5 years.

Secondly, the dimensions of Apple devices keep changing with the every version. If you upgrade your iPhone, it may not fit into the docking station anymore.

You’ll also need to remove phone accessories like earphones and protective case every time you need to use it with your Macbook.

If you forget your iPhone somewhere, you won’t be able to use your Macbook either. Also, if you happen to spill coffee on your MacBook, you might end up destroying your iPhone too.

It’s an interesting concept, nevertheless. What do you think?