Apple Acquires Award Winning Automation App Workflow and Makes it Free

appe acquires workflow automation tool for iphone ipad

If you love automating your day-to-day tasks such as calling a cab, ordering a pizza, playing your favorite playlist, then you’re in for a treat. Apple just acquired the award winning automation tool for iPhone, Apple watch & iPad called Workflow and made it free.

Workflow is an amazing app that makes it really easy to automate the most common tasks on your iPhone & iPad. It allows you to connect to various apps, create shortcuts and configure if-this-then-that kind of triggers, withjust a few taps.

For example, you can use Workflow to make notes, text a friend in case you’re running late, listen to news, or even find nearby convenience stores. It provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to mix & match hundreds of actions to create quick shortcuts, manage your media, share content, and much more.

Workflow was built by a small team of 4 – Ari Weinstein (former iPhone jailbreaker), Conrad Kramer, Ayaka Nonaka and Nick Frey.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Apple confirmed the deal saying,

“The Workflow app was selected for an Apple Design Award in 2015 because of its outstanding use of iOS accessibility features, in particular an outstanding implementation for VoiceOver with clearly labeled items, thoughtful hints, and drag/drop announcements, making the app usable and quickly accessible to those who are blind or low-vision.”

Workflow has excellent accessibility that helps users easily automate tasks of many other apps they use on a daily basis such as Gmail, Calendar, iTunes, Dropbox, and more.

In an unusual move, Apple won’t be killing the App but it will continue to be available on the App Store, for free. According to Apple, its existing integrations will continue to be updated.

What’s great about Workflow is that it allows you to connect deep linked functions of other app with just a few taps. This functionality might be extremely useful for Apple. It can be integrated into Siri allowing more seamless creation and running of workflows. Who knows, Apple may also bake workflows into the next version of iOS.

It’ll be interesting to see how Workflow grows from here on.