Adobe Launches Advertising Cloud to Manage Ads Across Search, Social & TV in one place

adobe advertising cloud

Advertising has become an increasingly fragmented world, with Search, Social, Display & Video taking the Lion’s share of the pie. Since the acquisition of Omniture back in 2009, Adobe has been working towards improving the management & measurement of Internet Ads.

Today, Adobe just announced the launch of its Advertising Cloud, at its big Adobe Summit Event in Las Vegas, to help brands and advertisers optimize spend across various channels. Adobe Advertising Cloud is seen as the next step in the evolution of its Marketing Cloud segment.

Ever since it acquired Omniture, Adobe has added a wide range of analytics, media optimization and content management features to its product suite. With the acquisition of video ad company TubeMogul, it’s in a position to manage Video & TV ads as well.

Advertising Cloud will provide the brands and advertisers a single interface to manage their ads across search, social, display and video. Adobe believes it can provide immense visibility into how ad campaigns are performing across each channel, using just one solution.

Instead of using multiple solutions for different marketing channels, Adobe Advertising Cloud will enable users to manage & monitor all marketing channels from one place. According to Brett Wilson, VP of Advertising Cloud, this will allow advertisers to buy Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snap video ads and linear TV all at once.

Already, Adobe is managing Ad spends worth $3.5 billions a year on its platform, with brands like Allstate, Ford, Liberty Mutual, MGM and Southwest Airlines on board. It seems like a huge opportunity with very few players in the field.