5 TurboTax Alternatives That Are Cheaper

Turbotax Alternatives

Filing tax returns is never fun. It’s even worse when you have just a few days left before the filing deadline. Tax software is much in demand today, and if you choose the right one, you will most certainly be able to complete your taxes quickly and in the most systematic way. In fact, you could also get a good amount of tax return if you put it to good use. Even though TurboTax is the number 1 rated best-selling tax software, you might have to look into Turbotax alternatives at certain times.

TurboTax Online Free Edition is best suited for most basic returns. TurboTax and TaxAct are the only two products that are absolutely free to file both federal and state returns. The only drawback here is that it only manages the most basic situations.

There are many alternatives to Turbotax available in the market. Listed below are 5 Turbotax alternatives:



TaxAct is second to Turbo Tax in popularity when it comes to tax return preparation. This software has a Price Lock Guarantee, which means it will not try to sell you anything additional once you start your return.

One of the best things about TaxAct is that you know the exact amount you will have to pay even before you begin filing. Turbo Tax, on the other hand, will constantly prompt you to upgrade if you need specific features.

TaxAct offers three options when it comes to filing a federal return. State returns are $28.05 more, and this includes e-filing and preparation.

TaxAct is very affordable, and that is especially true for filers with complex tax returns. Paid tiers, whether it is ‘Plus’ ($67 including a state return), ‘Freelancer’ ($82) or ‘Premium’ ($97), taxpayers who itemize deductions (investors, freelancers, homeowners, and even the self-employed) can easily get hold of the forms they require, and that too at a lower cost than TurboTax.

There is no doubt that TaxAct is one of the best Turbotax alternatives.

H&R Block

H&R Block, known mostly for their office locations offers exceptionally good financial services software. H&R Block’s basic and free services are good in itself for simple things. However, some users might need the high-end package, which ranges from $60-80 starting.

One of the drawbacks seen in H&R Block is that importing data is not easy, and is limited in comparison to TaxAct and Turbotax. On the whole, this provides good value and is a much quicker choice.


Liberty Tax

Liberty Tax, also popularly known as a walk-in tax return preparation agency offers an online do-it-yourself tax preparation option. It also includes a 100% Accuracy Guarantee.

Liberty Tax gives you the freedom to begin with the free edition and later upgrade as and when required. This works well because in that case, you don’t end up paying up front for a version you don’t require.

Liberty Tax offers four versions:
EZ: $14.95 – Best for Simple Returns
BASIC: $28.95 – Best for Families
DELUXE: $43.95 – Best for Investors
PREMIUM: $69.95 – Best for Small Business Owners



FreeTaxUSA is another great Turbotax alternative. It works differently as compared to other tax preparation software. Unlike other tax software that asks you to choose from 3 or 4 different versions, FreeTaxUSA provides you with all that you require to file your federal return for free.

No matter whether your return is simple or complex, FreeTaxUSA’s federal portion includes all the tools and forms that people require, and that too for free!

You get E-file, Federal Tax Return, Printable Tax Return, Tax Extension, and Customer Support for free. However, State returns will cost you $12.95.

An upgrade to a Deluxe option will cost you $6.99. The Deluxe option includes Audit Assist, Audit Center, Live Chat, Unlimited Amended Returns, and Priority Support.

Moreover, it also enables you to import prior returns from TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxAct.


ezTaxReturn.com is an interesting tax preparation solution that has no different levels and versions. All returns, whether simple or complex is all one low cost. The pricing is absolutely transparent. It is front with no extra upsells and add-ons.

It also offers Money-back guarantee and 100% precise calculations. ezTaxReturn works on all devices, including tablets, PC, smartphones or Mac.


Final Thoughts

Whether it for your family or for yourself that you are filing tax returns, make sure you are proactive. Do not wait until the last moment to work on your tax returns. The five Turbotax alternatives listed above are good enough to choose from.

Good luck!

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