5 Best Contact Management Software for Small and Medium Businesses

best contact management software

Small and medium-sized businesses are now increasingly leveraging contact management software, a stripped-down CRM, to efficiently organize their contacts and communications and gain an advantage over their competitors. Here are the five best contact management software options that you can use to manage contacts and take your business to the next level.


Zoho ContactManager

Zoho ContactManager is the best contact management software for those small and medium businesses that want to make informed decisions quickly.

It lets you manage contacts in a centralized address book, and provides a unified view of related tasks, notes, and email.

With this advance online contact management software, it is easy to manage email interactions and engage with social media audience.

Moreover, it offers smart task and email templates, multi- conditional search features, as well as you can create and assign custom roles to team members.

It can also be seamlessly integrated with several third-party applications.



Insightly bills itself as the “contact management CRM for the efficiency-minded” companies. It is easy-to-use, nifty software that enables you to collect, manage, and engage with contacts.

The usefulness of your contact list can be improved as well, as Insightly provides the option to link contacts to tasks, organizations, opportunities, projects, and other contacts.

Moreover, it lets you track any business relationship, including interactions with suppliers, in-house staff, referral partners, affiliates, and thought leaders.

And, not only it allows you to engage with your social media contacts, but it also does social media prospecting, scouring the web for any connected LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles.

Some of its contact management-related features include automatic address books, web to contact automation, custom fields, and filters.


Nimble Contact Management

Nimble tracks all your communications and captures all the information relating to each contact. It is the best contact management software option if you want a single view of all your interactions — the past, present, and future — with your contacts.

In one place, which is called Nimble Contact Record, you can find insight about your contacts, which has been automatically brought to the record by searching across all of the data and social platforms.

Nimble enables small and medium businesses can monitor their outreach, maintain and deepen their relationship with customers.



InfusionSoft is primarily targeted at small businesses that are just getting started and do not have the know-how to use sales or marketing software.

It offers an exceptionally intuitive contact management feature. You can easily organize your contact information in one place and review the history of all your customer interactions.

Moreover, its dashboards and reports let you find out how your audience is responding to your campaigns.


Contact Management from Salesforce

Salesforce contact management provides a complete view of customers’ activity history, key contacts, communications, and internal account discussions.

Moreover, it offers a feed of customers’ social content, which will enable you to understand what they are saying about your products or service, as well as you get insights about how to engage with them.

It also allows collaboration between various teams in your organization, as you can see who else interacted with a specific contact.

Its social collaboration tools let you share insights, relevant documents, and more on every contact.



For small and medium businesses, there are tons of affordable contact management options available, and they cost a lot less compared to purchasing a full CRM service plan. Before buying a plan for any of the solution, you can get started by signing up for a free trial. This will help you assess each solution and find the best contact management software that meets your specific business requirements.


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