Zently is a new App that enables Renters to Connect with their Landlords better


A new startup named Zently aims to improve the process of renting a house or apartment by providing an app that will help solve the day-to-day problems faced by renters & landlords.

Some of the common problems faced by renters are payment of rent, splitting the rent, contacting the landlord in case of problems. Landlords want to get paid on time and need to able to quickly communicate with renters, if necessary. Zently provides an app to do all of the above, with just a few taps.

Zently App allows renters to automatically pay rent and split them, if required. In case you have roommates, Zently connects with renters’ bank accounts to settle shared rents and utility bills at the end of every month.

One of the pain points faced by Renters is the fixing of maintenance issues. Zently provides a chat like interface to clearly report the problem to your landlord – you can select the category of the problem (such as clogged garbage disposal, water heater) , take a photo of the problem area and send it to your landlord.

zently maintenance request

The app also makes it easier for the landlord to find service providers to fix these problems. It provides a 24×7 concierge who will help the landlord find a plumber, electrician and other local handymen for the job.

In addition, Zently also helps landlords create rental listings to find new renters and get those vacancies filled. You can also schedule an appointment to show the property, as well use Zently to send online documents to each other to simplify signing of the rental agreement.

Founded by a couple of LinkedIn Alums, Sachit Kamat and Aleksandr Movsesyan, Zently was created to solve the problems faced by renters after they move in. While other apps focus on the landlords & property managers, Zently is focused around renters.

To begin with, Zently is focusing on the San Francisco bay Area, where it has already signed up a list of preferred providers. It plans to expand to other markets once it has worked through the operational aspects of its business.

Do try it out and let us know what you think about it.