Top Zenefits Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Products for Small Business

Zenefits is an all-inclusive payroll and HR solution which comes at a very reasonable price ranging from $5 to $14 per employee. Zenefits is an online software platform that enables you to not only onboard employees and tracks benefits enrollment, but also helps to manage time off requests, and do payroll in accordance with tax laws.

However, Zenefits is not the only payroll and HR tool available out there. There are various Zenefits alternatives in the market.

If you are convinced that Zenefits does not have the features required for your small business, you can consider other Zenefits alternatives offered by other vendors. While most of these tools have common features, some of them will provide you with unique solutions.

Listed below are 5 Zenefits alternatives:



Gusto, known for being a payroll provider, can process payroll in all 50 states. Zenefits, on the other hand, has payroll options for only 29 states. Gusto provides excellent customer service, which is one of the reasons why it is a good Zenefits alternative. While Zenefits support only email, Gusto enables you to contact them via email, phone and even live chat.

With Gusto, business owners and employees get complete medical, vision and dental insurance in 17 US states.

Gusto will charge you $39 each month apart from an additional $6 per user each month. You will then have access to their HR tools, payroll, and benefits.

Zenefits charge $14 per person for the same features, apart from a $40 monthly fee.



One of the best Zenefits alternatives, ADP is a huge HR and payroll platform. In fact, many people look upon it as the legacy industry standard. The best part of ADP is that it serves small business with 1 or 2 employees as well as big companies with 1000+ employees. ADP covers tax, benefits, compliance, and talent management.

The easy to use ADP Vista HCM is a Human Resource management software meant for small as well as medium size businesses.

Further, you do not require any training to access ADP software. ADP Vista HCM can handle all your HR data in one place with personalized service.

ADP offers you two months free trial period.

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Justworks is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides health insurance benefits, apart from other HR services like payroll management. Justworks works best for small businesses that aim to offer health insurance nationwide.

Justworks is best for small businesses that want to offer health insurance nationwide. The way they function is that they pool all your employees along with many other thousands of other small business employees. This helps you to get ‘big company health insurance’ at a low rate.

Even though Zenefits too provide health insurance, they are not a PEO, because of which they don’t have the power of numbers.

The pricing is dependent on the number of employees in your organization. It ranges from $49 to $99 a month, with discounts if paid annually. As for Zenefits, you would have to pay $14 per employee apart from the additional cost for upgrades and special features.



BambooHR is another cloud-based HR tool targeted at small businesses. This software offers training, benefits, and time tracking features.

BambooHR is unique in the sense that it works together with other software vendors and an array of apps to give you seamless integrations with applicant tracking, payroll, and performance review tools.

BambooHR is of great help to organizations when it comes to time management. The other features that users seem to love are the clean interface, real-time reporting features, and the easy learning curve.

The onboarding features have been termed as extremely efficient.

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TriNet, like JustWorks is a full-service PEO. TriNet best suits those employees who want to get away from the HR administration duties as much as possible. TriNet can be used to handle all your payroll, benefits and HR needs.

Similar to JustWorks, TriNet pools you with other small businesses. One of the advantages that TriNet has over JustWorks is that they provide access to localized health insurance. Employees can hence access good quality health insurance wherever they are located.

TriNet price will come up to nearly $155 per employee each year. They also charge a separate one-time implementation fee which is $1000 for setting up 1-4 employees and $2000 for setting up 5-9 employees.


Zenefits Alternatives – Bottom Line

The top 5 Zenefits Alternatives listed above will help you decide whether Zenefits is the best option for your small business or whether you need a solution that provides you extra options like time and attendance, applicant tracking, training materials, employee performance management, or PEO services.

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