Top 7 SSL Certificate Providers for Your Website

ssl certificate providers for your website

It’s become really important to add an SSL certificate to your website. It improves search engine rankings of your website and makes it look more credible, improving its conversion rates. Most importantly, it boosts the security of your website and makes it less vulnerable to cyber threats. Here are the top 7 SSL certificate providers for your website.


Top 7 SSL Certificate Providers for Your Website


1. Verisign

Verisign is one of the most popular and reputed SSL certificate providers in the world. Owned by Norton, it is used by some of the big brands across various industries. Verisign supports 256-bit encryption. It is slightly expensive compared to other certificate providers, with the most expensive plan costing over $1,000/yr. However, it offers many useful features such as extended validation, $1.5 million warranty and vulnerability assessment. It is suitable for large businesses & enterprises.


2. GeoTrust

GeoTrust is another reputed SSL certificate provider that is a lot more affordable than Verisign. It also supports 256-bit encryption and warranty. Its basic encryption plan costs $149/yr while maximum security certificate costs $299/yr.


3. Comodo

Comodo provides a wide range of customized SSL certificates for everyone – from home offices to businesses, from SMBs to enterprises. Its SSL certificates start from $64.95/yr. They are easy to setup. Its extended validation package starts from $359/year. Its certificates support 256-bit encryption and provide warranty of upto $250,000. It also provides unlimited server licenses and a good customer support over phone.

Although Comodo is well-reputed, it was a victim of a hacking incident where fake Comodo certificates were used.


4. Thawte

Thawte is another one of the low cost SSL certificate providers that provide 256-bit encryption. Its pricing starts from $149/yr, with extended validation packages costing less than $600/yr.


5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the biggest and most popular domain registration company. But did you know that it also provides SSL certificates for your website? It provides a Standard package for $69.99/yr and Deluxe package for $89.99/yr. Both these packages can be customized as per your requirements. What sets GoDaddy apart is its excellent customer support available 24×7.


6. DigiCert

DigiCert is used by some of the biggest companies in the world such as Microsoft, Yahoo, AT&T, Facebook, Amazon and Wikipedia. They offer 2048 bit SSL at affordable prices. Their wildcard SSL certificates can protect your entire domain (including sub domains) for less than $500. Their SSL certificates start from $156/year.


7. Network Solutions

Network Solutions is one of the most affordable SSL certificate providers, especially for multi-year packages. For example, its Network Solutions nsProtect Secure Express costs only $49.99 for 4 years. Similar protection would cost $54.59/yr with GoDaddy, $132.25/yr at Thawte and $121/yr at GeoTrust. It also supports 256-bit encryption. It also provides online chat support, fast issuance times and free re-issues.



Each of the above SSL certificate providers is well-known, reputed and trusted by all browsers. They also provide free trust badges that you can add to your home page, landing pages and check out pages. This will improve the credibility of your website and increase conversion rate. Make sure you check out the various packages available for each of these SSL certificate providers for your website, so you can customize them according to your needs and avoid paying for unnecessary stuff.





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