Those Annoying Microsoft Windows 10 Updates may soon become a thing of the past

windows 10 upgrade update

Great News for all Windows 10 users! Starting with Windows 10 Creators update, you will be able to control when Windows 10 updates install on your devices.

Windows 10 is a promising OS and continues to improve rapidly. However, one of the biggest pain points users have been facing is that of automatic updates repeatedly disrupting their experience. You have no control over when Windows 10 updates are downloaded. Some of these updates can hog your bandwidth and seriously tie up your computer. Some of them even force a reboot just when you need your device the most.

Looks like Microsoft has finally listened to its customers. Based on user feedback, Microsoft has announced major changes in the way Windows 10 gets updated.

Previously Windows 10 used to decide when to install updates. The Windows 10 Creators Update changes it by offering 3 choices to the users:

  1. Accept updates when available – This is the simplest and recommended choice that allows you to get the latest security features in a timely manner.
  2. Pick a time – Allows you to select when you want the update, with the ability to reschedule if the selected time is no longer convenient when the update arrives.
  3. Snooze – Delay the update by 3 days.

Here’s what Windows 10 users will see when there’s an update available.

windows 10 creators update


Windows Service and Delivery Group Program Management Director, John Cable mentioned that they’re also expanding the ‘Active Hours’ time so Windows doesn’t install an update when you need your device handy. He also explained that Microsoft will also add a new tool that allows you to keep track of whether your device is up-to-date. “If you decide to exercise more control over the update process, we’ve added a new icon to the Windows Update Settings page that makes it easier to verify that your device is up to date.”

This will bring a huge relief to lots of annoyed Windows 10 users. It may seem like a small change but it’s incredibly important because its operating system is the platform that opens the doors to its other products such as Microsoft Office, Skype, Sharepoint and Teams. Looks like under Nadella, Microsoft has become a more consumer-friendly company.