Microsoft Excel for Windows adds Real-time Collaboration

Finally, Microsoft has added real-time collaboration tools in its Excel App for Windows, through a beta update. It enables users to co-author excel workbooks and collaborate with each other while working on the same workbook. Office 2016 has paid a lot of attention to real-time collaboration – it was initially launched in Word, and then […]

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Google Fiber Cancels Hundreds of Installations in Kansas City

google fiber kansas city

After waiting for years to access Google’s super high-speed internet (Google Fiber), hundreds of Kansas City residents have received a mail from Google saying their installations have been cancelled, and their deposits will be returned within a couple of weeks. While it is not clear as to why the cancellations happened, but Google has mailed […]

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Google Hangouts to Remove SMS Messaging from May 22

google hangouts sms

If you use Google Hangouts to send & receive SMS, you won’t be able to do it after May 22. As per an email sent to G Suite Administrators, and posted on Reddit, Google will be removing the SMS feature from Hangouts on May 22. Staring March 27, Hangouts users will get an in-app notification about the […]

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Google adds an App Launcher within its Mobile App

google tappable shortcuts

Google’s Search App is great to search for information, with the handy cards interface and native integration to other Google Apps (such as YouTube, Maps, Calendar). Today, Google just added another useful feature to its mobile app that allows you to find information without even typing. Called “tappable shortcuts“, it’s basically an app launcher inside Google […]

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