Skype for Business Adds New Tools to Improve Call Quality

skype for business

If your company uses Skype for Business, then Microsoft just made it a lot easier for you to Diagnose & Fix call problems.

Microsoft has announced the launch of a beta Call Analytics Dashboard for Skype, that provides IT admins a diagnosis of call issues user face during a Skype call.

Typically, Businesses use communication services such as Skype for various customer facing activities such as support calls, client meetings, user onboarding and demoes.

It can be embarrassing if a call quality drops during a meeting. There are several reasons for poor call quality – network connection, headset issues, software provider’s infrastructure or something else. Unless IT admins can diagnose the problem correctly, it’s difficult to fix it or prevent it from happening again.

In many cases, businesses blame the software for poor call quality and switch to another solution, only to face the problem again after some time. When, in fact, the culprit may be slow network speeds.

The new diagnostics dashboard will clearly help the IT admins understand the bottlenecks in their Skype calls and fix them quickly.

It’s a smart move that will also not only help new businesses transition to Skype but also prevent existing customers from leaving their platform.

Microsoft also added a couple of features to simplify the work of call center teams.

First, called Auto Attendant, allows businesses to setup IVR-style menus (e.g Press 1 for existing customer) that users can navigate using their phone’s keypad, to quickly reach the appropriate agent.

The second one is Call Queues, that places the callers in a queue when they call in, and routes them automatically to the next available agent. This feature is useful in call-center environments where there are multiple agents waiting to answer each call.

Microsoft is certainly beefing up Skype for Business amidst growing competition from Slack and the recently launched Amazon Chime.