Deeplink adds in-app search for iOS similar to Google Now

deeplinking facebook zappos rockport

Deeplinking technology has been slowly gaining momentum in the mobile ecosystem. Just like hyperlinks take you from one web page to another, deeplinks take you from one app to a particular point in another. For example, when you tap a video search result in google search app, it opens in YouTube app., one of the […]

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ARM’s new chip to focus on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

arm chip dynamiq

ARM has unveiled its next generation of processor architecture named DynamIQ. Chips built using DynamIQ, ARM says, will allow manufacturers to build more powerful systems on its chips that are tailored for computation-heavy tasks from Artificial Intelligence to Self-Driving Cars. “It’ll be in smartphones and tablets, for sure, but also automotive networking and a whole range […]

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Learn Apple Swift in 5 new Languages

apple swift playgrounds

Want to build an App but don’t know how to code? Apple just announced that Swift Playgrounds, its iPad app designed to teach people how to code using its Swift Programming Language, is available in 5 new languages. So far, Swift Playgrounds was available only in English. Now it’s also available in Japanese, German, Simplified Chinese, […]

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Google adds an App Launcher within its Mobile App

google tappable shortcuts

Google’s Search App is great to search for information, with the handy cards interface and native integration to other Google Apps (such as YouTube, Maps, Calendar). Today, Google just added another useful feature to its mobile app that allows you to find information without even typing. Called “tappable shortcuts“, it’s basically an app launcher inside Google […]

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Instagram lets you Save Your Live Video to your Phone

instagram live video save

Instagram Live is a really cool feature that combines the fleeting nature of Snapchat & live video of Periscope. However, one problem of Instagram Live is that the video used to disappear after the broadcast ends. Now Instagram just added a new feature that allows you to save your video to your phone at the […]

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Intel launches 375 GB Optane SSD that can be used as RAM!

Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X

Ever wondered if your Memory Card had the storage space of your Hard Drive? Intel just launched their first Optane based SSD with storage of 375GB, built using 3D XPoint Technology. The $1,520 SSD, aimed at servers, workstations and data centers, started shipping today. Currently, it is available in only limited regions, with broader availability […]

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