Samsung launches Next-Generation Payment Technology

samsung contactless companion platform

Ever wondered if you can pay money with your devices other than smart phones & watches? Samsung just launched the next-generation of payment technology called Contactless Companion Platform (CCP), a digital payments platform that allows users to pay via CCP enabled devices such as payment cards, wristbands, keyfobs, mechanical watches and even jewelry. CCP was built in […]

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Now ISPs can sell your Browsing History to Advertisers

internet service provider

The US Senate has voted to repeal the broadband privacy rules that required Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to get user permission before sharing or selling web browsing data and other private information to advertisers and other companies. The Senate voted 50-48 in favor of S.J.34, which would not only remove the existing rules, created last […]

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Google Hangouts to Remove SMS Messaging from May 22

google hangouts sms

If you use Google Hangouts to send & receive SMS, you won’t be able to do it after May 22. As per an email sent to G Suite Administrators, and posted on Reddit, Google will be removing the SMS feature from Hangouts on May 22. Staring March 27, Hangouts users will get an in-app notification about the […]

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Walmart Launches Tech Incubator in Silicon Valley

walmart tech incubator silicon valley

Walmart is creating a Tech Incubator in Silicon Valley that focuses on radically changing how people do shopping. Called Store No. 8, after the Arkansas store where Walmart founder Sam Walton used to test out new features, it will work on developing next-gen technologies in the field of Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Drone Delivery and […]

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“Dig Once” US Bill could bring High-Speed Fiber Internet to majority of the country

dig once us bill

Soon your entire city might be powered by High-Speed Fiber Internet, thanks to a new proposal that’s gaining momentum. On Tuesday, a coalition of Tech & Free-Market groups, urged the leaders of U.S. House Energy and Commerce Communications and Technology Subcommittee to support “dig once” policies that would enable installation of broardband cabled along federally funded […]

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Apple thinking of iPhone as a MacBook touchpad

apple iphone macbook touchpad

As discovered by Apple Insider, Apple has created a patent that shows the company experimenting with the idea of laptop-style docking stations that can hold an iPhone or iPad. The first shows a docking station that looks like Macbook where you can dock an iPhone as its touchpad. iPhone does most of the processing with Macbook like […]

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