Latest Apple iOS Update Increases Phone Storage Automatically!

apple ios update apfs

Apple’s latest iOS update, 10.3, packs in quite a few useful features such as “Find my AirPod”, Search your parked car using Maps, enhancements to Siri Developer kit and Apple CarPlay. However, it’s most powerful update may have gone unnoticed – it’s new filesystem – called Apple File System (APFS). Yes, filesystems may sound boring […]

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Google Fiber Cancels Hundreds of Installations in Kansas City

google fiber kansas city

After waiting for years to access Google’s super high-speed internet (Google Fiber), hundreds of Kansas City residents have received a mail from Google saying their installations have been cancelled, and their deposits will be returned within a couple of weeks. While it is not clear as to why the cancellations happened, but Google has mailed […]

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Instagram finally adds 2-Factor Authentication

instagram 2 factor authentication

With recent news of celebrity photos being leaked online, Instagram has just added an extra layer of security to protect your photos & videos. On Thursday, Instagram made 2-Factor authentication available to all its accounts. You can activate it by tapping on the gear icon on your profile and choosing Two-Factor Authentication to turn it on. Two-factor authentication […]

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IKEA rolls out Smart Home Lineup that’s Affordable

ikea tradfri smart home light system

Smart Home equipment can be costly, but if it’s IKEA, it has to be affordable, right? IKEA is rolling out its own system of Smart Home Lighting called TRÅDFRI, built using ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) standard for connected lights, the same technology that powers Philips Hue. TRÅDFRI is an affordable collection of app-controlled light bulbs and […]

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Microsoft Adds Cortana to Android Lock Screen

Microsoft just added the ability to use its virtual assistant, Cortana, right from the lock screen of your Android phones, without even unlocking the device. On Monday, Microsoft announced the latest update to its Cortana App for Android, that allows users to add the virtual helper to your phone’s lockscreen. Once you’ve updated your Cortana App, you […]

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Twitter thinking of Paid Version of TweetDeck for Premium Features

twitter tweetdeck paid subscription

With slow user growth and flat revenues, Twitter seems to be exploring new opportunities to monetize some of its free offerings. The social media platform is surveying users to find out if they’d be interested in paying for an enhanced version of TweetDeck, which would offer analytics, news alerts, tools to compose and post tweets in one […]

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IBM figures out How to Store Data on a Single Atom

ibm holonium

In what could completely revolutionize the way information is stored, IBM scientists have managed to store data in a single atom. The discovery, which was first published in the scientific journal Nature, describes that IBM researchers have been able to store a bit or information (1 or 0) on a single atom. Currently, hard drives use […]

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