New Trello Features : Atlassian starts integrating its products with Trello

trello atlassian power ups extension

Since Atlassian acquired Trello earlier this year, it has begun integrating its services with the popular project management tool.

Since Trello already allows third party services to integrate with its tool, this only makes it easier for Atlassian to enable some of its other services from within Trello. Today, Atlassian launched Trello extensions (called power-ups) for JIRA Cloud, Confluence Cloud and Bitbucket Cloud. It also launched an improved integration of Trello into its HipChat messaging services.

The Confluence extension allows to attach confluence pages to Trello cards, or create new pages from within Trello. Similarly, the JIRA extension allows you to link JIRA issues to Trello cards and attach issue status, priority, assignee etc. on the card back. The Bitbucket extension lets you attach Bitbucket branches, commits and pull requests to Trello cards. You can also create new branches as well as view real-time status updates from within Trello.

HipChat integration works the other ways round. You can create a Trello card from HipChat window and you get automatic updates when you make changes to your card in Trello.

It’s good to see that Atlassian products can talk to each other, providing a seamless user experience. However, what’s interesting is how Atlassian differentiates them, since there is some overlap between Trello and JIRA.