Microsoft Adds Cortana to Android Lock Screen

Microsoft just added the ability to use its virtual assistant, Cortana, right from the lock screen of your Android phones, without even unlocking the device.

On Monday, Microsoft announced the latest update to its Cortana App for Android, that allows users to add the virtual helper to your phone’s lockscreen. Once you’ve updated your Cortana App, you can head to the settings menu to enable LockScreen Integration. This will add a floating circle with “Swipe to open” on your lock screen.

When you swipe left or right, you’ll see personalized information feed, weather, schedule, news and other helpful information that Cortana offers and you can customize.


Although Microsoft had beta launched this feature earlier this month, you could only swipe to see your information feed, back then. You couldn’t actually ask anything to Cortana. Now users can even speak to Cortana directly from the lock screen, Microsoft confirmed.

Microsoft’s latest move poses a serious challenge to Google on its own platform. Google has been unable to penetrate into the PC market with its Chrome OS, and this update might tempt Windows users to switch to Cortana on Android phones, for a personalized and seamless experience across laptop, mobile and desktop. In fact, Cortana is also available for iOS.

Previously available in US & UK, Cortana for iOS & Android will also be available in Australia.