Lyft Shuttle is a New Experimental Feature that works as Fixed-Line Shuttle service

lyft shuttle

Lyft is experimenting with a new feature called Lyft Shuttle, that works like fixed-route bus service.

Lyft Shuttle will available as part of Lyft’s ride sharing option called Lyft Line,¬†and will operate between fixed route with set pick-up and drop-off points. It’s currently being tested in San Francisco and Chicago, and will be available at other places if it gets a good response.

Lyft Shuttle is a good option for those who travel along same routes everyday. The idea is to provide increased reliability as well as fixed-rates, which will not be affected by Prime Time surge pricing during the rush hours.

However, this option will be visible on your app, only if you’re located near one these fixed-routes. Those who a near a shuttle route will be able to switch on the option from within Lyft Line booking option.

There are many who could benefit from a feature like this – going to school, college or work takes up majority of our travel time and they are always along fixed-routes.

In fact, based on user feedback, Lyft can even modify the now-fixed routes to include grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants and banks along the way, making commuters lives a lot easier. Lyft can also learn from the travel routes of existing transportation services such as buses & metros to improve their own fixed-routes, providing optimal travel time to customers as well as saving on fuel.

What remains to be seen is if other ride-sharing companies like Uber & Didi also launch similar services.