Latest Apple iOS Update Increases Phone Storage Automatically!

apple ios update apfs

Apple’s latest iOS update, 10.3, packs in quite a few useful features such as “Find my AirPod”, Search your parked car using Maps, enhancements to Siri Developer kit and Apple CarPlay. However, it’s most powerful update may have gone unnoticed – it’s new filesystem – called Apple File System (APFS).

Yes, filesystems may sound boring and people generally skim over such updates. But what if it’s so amazing that it automatically increases your phone storage.

Apple has been using the HFS+ filesystem for the past 29 years, which was built to support now-outdated technologies like floppy-disks & mechanical hard drives, and doesn’t support the growing needs of latest mobile devices which use flash-based memory.

Apple’s new APFS is designed to scale across different types of devices such as iPhones, Apple Watch and Mac Books, as well as support flash drives and SSD storage.

It’s also built with encryption in mind, and supports snapshots, so it will be easier to restore data on any iOS device, just as it is on your Mac.

APFS is designed to be a low-latency filesystem with faster read & write operations than before. This means your phones will run smoother as it will be quicker to open, save or download apps & files.

Lastly, it has a new way of calculating available storage for your device, that reportedly leaves you with more available storage automatically.


A modern, mobile-ready filesystem like APFS will enable Apple to rapidly roll out new apps & features across its devices and provide a seamless user experience.