JIRA Vs Bugzilla : Which is better bug tracking software?

jira vs bugzilla

Bugs have to be tracked in real-time; otherwise, they could cause serious damage to your business, not just operational but reputational as well. A good bug tracking tool can help capture, record, organize, set accountability, prioritize, resolve, and review, enabling you to deliver quality web development projects, software, and keep your customers happy. Both open source and commercial tools are available on the market.

Bugzilla developed by Mozilla and Jira from Australia-based Atlassian are two of the most popular bug tracking tools, today. Let’s compare Bugzilla vs. Jira to find which tool is better for your project.


Free To Use or Not

Bugzilla has an open source license, which means you can use this bug tracking tool for free. Jira, on the other hand, has a proprietary commercial license, and it’s a project management tool that also does bug tracking. It does not have a free version. You have to pay $10/ month for up to 10 users. It, however, offers a 7-day free trial.


Server-Side Architecture

Jira and Bugzilla have different server-side architectures.

  • Jira: Java (J2EE), MySQL / PostgreSQL / Oracle / MS SQL Server, Tomcat, and Lucene.
  • Bugzilla: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Perl


Workflow Management

With Bugzilla, admins can define a global workflow for all the products by simply editing the transition matrix. And, users can select the initial status of a new issue. Moreover, it provides admins with the ability to configure which transitions need comments.

When it comes to Jira, multiple workflows can be defined based on the issue’s Project and Type. Through a subset of issues, each workflow can transition issue. And, each transaction can have a separate set of fields, which users can fill out while doing the transition.


Features in Jira and Bugzilla

When it comes to comparing Jira vs. Bugzilla’s features, one needs to keep in mind that Jira is not just a bug tracking tool but a project management tool for agile teams. So, it has a built-in project management functions.

Features offered by Jira include activity dashboard, activity tracking, automatic notifications, collaboration tools, commenting, prioritizing, progress tracking, project time tracking, and more.

Bugzilla offers features for both users and admin. For users: email notifications controlled by user preferences, bug lists in multiple formats such as Atom and iCal, scheduled reports by email, reports, and charts, automatic duplicate bug detection, time tracking, and more.

For admin, it offers extension mechanism for customizable installations, custom workflow, full Unicode support, mod_perl support, web-services (XML-RPC) interface, and more.


Advanced Search Power In Bugzilla and Jira

Bugzilla’s search system is quite robust. It offers Boolean Charts that restricts the set of results returned by a search query for the highly advanced search. It enables you to search for bugs based on elaborate combinations of criteria. It also offers a basic Google-like bug search for new users.

The advanced search option in Jira lets you build structured queries using JQL, or Jira Query Language. With JQL, you can create arbitrary Boolean expressions. Jira offers quick search and basic search options for those who don’t want to use complex search criteria, or for those who are not comfortable with JQL.

In comparison to Bugzilla’s advanced search, Jira probably does not have the same expert-level search conditions. However, learning about all the options and understanding how Boolean charts work can be difficult and time-consuming.



It is simple to decide Bugzilla vs. Jira argument. Bugzilla is the right tool if you are looking for a simple bug tracking tool that is free. However, if you want a system to manage the whole process of project management, opt for Jira.


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