Instagram lets you Save Your Live Video to your Phone

instagram live video save

Instagram Live is a really cool feature that combines the fleeting nature of Snapchat & live video of Periscope. However, one problem of Instagram Live is that the video used to disappear after the broadcast ends.

Now Instagram just added a new feature that allows you to save your video to your phone at the end of your broadcast. This allows you to hold on to your video and watch it again later, especially if you want to remember or share something funny or interesting that happens during your broadcast.

After your live broadcast ends, just tap the ”Save” button on upper-right corner of your app. After the video is saved, tap Done and the video will be saved to your Camera Roll. The live video will, however, disappear from the app.

instagram live video save

Instagram only saves the video – not comments, likes, number of viewers or any live interactions. Also, you must save the video immediately after your broadcast ends. You can’t go back if you don’t hit the Save button and instead tap elsewhere.

This update is available as a part of Instagram version 10.12 for iOS and Android.