IKEA rolls out Smart Home Lineup that’s Affordable

ikea tradfri smart home light system

Smart Home equipment can be costly, but if it’s IKEA, it has to be affordable, right?

IKEA is rolling out its own system of Smart Home Lighting called TRÅDFRI, built using ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) standard for connected lights, the same technology that powers Philips Hue.

TRÅDFRI is an affordable collection of app-controlled light bulbs and accessories. The heart of this system is a gateway hub that connects to the internet and creates a local network to connect light bulbs, accessories (such as dimmer switch) and your mobile.

Like all IKEA products, TRÅDFRI too is affordably priced. Its gateway kit – consisting of a hub, a dimmer switch and 2 light bulbs – comes at $80, much cheaper than the $200 Philips Hue Starter Kit which provides 3 bulbs and a remote control. Individual bulbs cost $11.99 with additional light options, remote control switches, illuminated doors, float panels and motion sensor kits on the way.

You can do a few cool stuff with TRÅDFRI, as with other smart home lighting systems – change the brightness or color shades of individual bulbs, rooms or your entire home, create custom light moods, set timer to switch on/off your lights.


Currently, the TRÅDFRI light system is displayed only on IKEA’s Swedish site and will be available by the end of the month. However, you can also find it on IKEA’s US site here. Hopefully, the TRÅDFRI collection will be rolled out in other countries soon.

IKEA’s entry into Smart Home Automation will take this technology to the masses and enable widespread adoption.