How to Enable mod_deflate in cPanel

enable mod_deflate cpanel

Apache mod_deflate module allows you to compress the data before sending it to the client browser. However, you need to enable mod_deflate to enable compression. Let us look at how to enable mod_deflate in cPanel.


How to Enable mod_deflate in cPanel

Please note, WHM administrators can globally enable mod_deflate for all cPanel accounts using WHM control panel. If you don’t have cPanel installed, you can enable mod_deflate using a terminal window.


Here are the steps to enable mod_deflate in cPanel


1. Log into cPanel Account

Log into cPanel web interface. By default, your cPanel will be accessible at

Replace with your domain or server IP


2. Go to Optimize Website

After you have logged in, go to the “Optimize Website” under “Software” Section, by clicking its icon

enable mod_deflate in cpanel


3. Enable GZip Compression

On the next page, you will find 3 options, mentioned below. Select the appropriate option as per your requirement and click Update Settings to save the settings

  • Disabled – This option will disable gzip compression for your website
  • Compress all content – This option will compress all your website’s content
  • Compress the specified MIME types – This option will compress specific files only. You can input the file types into the text box.

enable mod_deflate in cpanel


4. Save the settings

After you are done, please remember to click Update Settings to save the settings.


That’s it! You have enabled mod_deflate in cPanel.


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