Google Open Source, a New Site that Lets you Explore Google’s Open Source Projects

google open source

Google has launched a new site called Google Open Source to showcase all its Open Source Projects in one place.

Google has contributed many high impact Open Source projects such as Kubernetes, TensorFlow, Guetzli and even fixed important vulnerabilities like the Apache Commons Deserialization Bug. There are more than 2000 projects currently listed on their site.

The launch of Google Open Source makes it easier for everyone to quickly explore all Open Source projects by Google. Of course, their code will continue be present in their original GitHub Repositories as before.

Another awesome advantage of Google Open Source is that Google has also published documents that describe the processes it uses internally to work with open source projects. Currently, these docs describe the release process for new open source projects, how Googlers patch existing projects and how they use third party open source tools internally.

“Our policies and procedures are informed by many years of experience and lessons we’ve learned along the way,” mentions Google on its site. It also says that there are multiple ways of doing open source projects and their way should not be seen as a how-to guide

Hopefully, you can find an interesting project you can contribute to.

Even if you or your company doesn’t contribute to Open Source Projects these documents and processes can always help you understand how these massive projects and built and managed successfully, which you bring to your own organization.