Google adds an App Launcher within its Mobile App

google tappable shortcuts

Google’s Search App is great to search for information, with the handy cards interface and native integration to other Google Apps (such as YouTube, Maps, Calendar).

Today, Google just added another useful feature to its mobile app that allows you to find information without even typing. Called “tappable shortcuts“, it’s basically an app launcher inside Google Search’s Mobile App.

Tappable shortcuts are displayed alongside your search box and Google Cards and provide quick access to sections like entertainment, sports scores, and nearby restaurants or ATMs, and more.

This allows you to go beyond searching and quickly “take an action” based on search results, from within Google app itself. For example, you can search for a hotel, and use a tappable shortcut to book a reservation. No need to open another app for it.

Secondly, your most common queries are easily answered without you having to type anything. Looking for latest sports scores? Want to know what’s playing on TV tonight? Looking for a nearby ATM? Google shortcuts will provide those information with just a couple of taps.

Thirdly, it makes information more discoverable. You’ll find that your areas of interest like sports, entertainment, movie reviews, dining, travel, etc are neatly grouped and accessible from Google shortcuts.

google tappable shortcuts

Google shortcuts are available on both its iOS & Android apps. Android version will have a dozen more shortcuts such as translate, nearby attractions, flights, hotels, internet speed test, currency converter, and more.