Facebook’s new tool helps you build Native Mobile Apps on any OS

facebook create react native app

Facebook just made it a lot easier to build Mobile Apps for iOS & Android on any OS – whether it is Mac, Windows or Linux. Typically, you would need a Mac & Xcode to create an iOS app, or Android Studio and other dependencies to create Android Software. Facebooks, React Native Tool changes it all.

With Facebook’s new Create React Native App (CRNA), you don’t need Xcode or Android Studio. For example, you can develop for your iOS device using Windows or even Linux. This is done using Expo App which loads & runs CRNA projects written in pure javascript without compiling any native code. Expo allows web developers create native apps that work across both iOS and Android by writing them once in just JavaScript. It’s open source and free and uses React Native.

Here’s a 5 min demo

What about Native Code?

Many React Native Apps have dependencies on Objective-C/Java that need to be compiled. The Expo app includes APIs for camera, video, contacts, and more, and bundles popular libraries like Airbnb’s react-native-maps, or Facebook authentication. However, if you need something that’s not bundled by Expo, you will need to “eject” CRNA and build your project in Xcode or Android Studio.

Getting Started

To get started, all you need to do is install the tool using a few lines of code provided here. This will start the React Native packager and print a QR code. Open it in the Expo app (available for iOS & Android) to load your JavaScript.


The main advantage of using CRNA is it makes mobile app development as easy & fast as web development. Also it eliminates the need to build a separate native app for each mobile platform. You can download & learn more about CRNA at its Github Repository.