Facebook to Launch Chatbots for Messenger Groups

facebook messenger group chat bot

Facebook will soon reveal new chatbots that work inside your Group Chats in Facebook Messenger, as reported by TechCrunch.

They won’t be the typical chatbots you have conversation with. Instead, they’ll be like automated information bots that provide your group with the latest news about your topics of interest such as sports, politics, etc. They can also give your group handy updates such as the status of your pizza delivery.

For example, a Messenger group of sports fans can add a sports bot to their thread to get latest news about upcoming games, latest scores of ongoing matches, player transfers and more. You can also add an e-commerce bot to keep track of the food you guys had ordered at the start of the game.

This seems like a much better way to approach chat bots. One of the most common problems people faced with chatbots was a bad user experience. It was difficult to get them to do anything beyond a few basic things. This was mainly because of poor understanding of user questions due to under-developed AI.

Facebook’s latest approach eliminates the user interaction with bots and allows chat bots to work in background while adding value to group chats. In fact, their inputs such as latest score and news updates can introduce new discussion topics for your group, and keep the conversation going.

Also, previously chatbots only provided a one-to-one interaction. Now if a person adds a chatbot to a group, all group members can stay informed. This adds a virality factor to the bots.

However, it’s still remains a challenge to discover these bots in the first place. Facebook doesn’t have a bot directory or a bot suggestor at the moment.

Meanwhile, Facebook will also open its API to let everyone built their own bots. So now you can easily build a custom bot to have fun with your friends. However, if you plan to build group bots for your business then be ready to hustle a bit and spread the word, so they are discovered easily.