Facebook Messenger lets you Share Live Location for 1 Hour

facebook messenger live location

Just days after Google announced a new Google Maps feature that allows you to share your live location, Facebook Messenger too has added a similar feature that allows you to share your live location for upto 1 hour. It will be rolled out to both iOS & Android versions of the Messenger.

According to the feature’s product manager Selena Wang, Live Location is useful when you’re trying to coordinate with your friends or make it to an appointment, telling them where to meet you or how close you are. You can also use it to let your loved ones know where you are while you’re returning home from college or work.

You can share your live location from within Facebook Messenger for upto 60 minutes, and terminate location sharing anytime you want.

Users can use live location by tapping the Location button from within a message thread, or from the More menu. Once the map loads, tap the blue bar to share your location with the message recipients. You’ll see a countdown clock in the corner of your map which will countdown till your location sharing expires, or you terminate it yourself.

Although Messenger is used to get together and communicate with friends, the latest feature can also┬ábe used in other scenarios. You can use it to find people at conventions such as Consumer Electronics Show. Brands can also use it to help people find their stalls, by sharing locations of their agents. If you’re an event management company, you can use it to coordinate among your employees when you’re, say, preparing for a concert.

By imitating popular features from other apps such as Snapchat & Google Maps, Facebook Messenger is growing into a full-fledged messaging tool that might just eliminate the need for other chat-based apps.