How to Disable mod_security in cPanel

disable mod_security in cpanel

mod_security is a useful Apache module that helps protect websites and web applications from malicious attacks. However, sometimes it can give error messages when your website is being updated or under development. In such cases, here’s how you can disable mod_security in cPanel. Once mod_security is disabled, you can fix the errors and re-enable it when your site is ready.


How to Disable mod_security in cPanel

Here are the steps to disable mod_security in cPanel


1. Log into cPanel

Go to your web hosting site and log into cPanel by clicking the cPanel icon. If you have bookmarked it, you can also directly use the URL of cPanel site.


2. Select mod_security manager

Once you have logged into cPanel, go to the security section and click on mod_security manager icon.


3. Look for your domain

You will be taken to a screen which lists all the domains you are managing. In case you have set up cPanel for multiple domains, find the domain for which you want to disable mod_security. Scroll through the list to find the appropriate domain.


4. Disable mod_security

Once you have identified the domain for which you want to disable mod_security, simply uncheck the box located next to it. If a checkbox is checked, it means the domain located next to it has mod_security enabled.

Some versions of cPanel have an ON-OFF toggle button, instead of a checkbox. In such case, simply toggle the button to OFF mode.


5. Update cPanel Settings

In some versions of cPanel, you need to explicitly click the Update button to save settings. In other cases, they are auto-saved.


That’s it! You have turned off mod_security for your domain. In case you want to turn it on, repeat the above steps but turn the checkbox/toggle button ON instead.

Once you have completed development/debugging, don’t forget to turn on mod_security for your website. This will ensure that your website is safe and protected from malicious attacks.


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