Samsung Dex turns your Phone into a Desktop

samsung dex galaxy 8

Samsung has launched a new device called Samsung Dex (for Desktop Experience), a phone docker that turns your phone into a PC. Samsung Dex supports connections for monitor via HDMI, keyboard, mouse and 2 USB ports that you can use to connect speakers and other devices. The way Samsung Dex works is you place your […]

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Microsoft Sued for Millions over Faulty Windows 10 Upgrades

windows 10 upgrade update

Troubled Windows 10 Users have filed a Class Action Lawsuit against Microsoft alleging that Windows 10 upgrades have resulted in many significant problems for their systems such as hard drive failures, data loss and software malfunctioning. This has caused business losses to many and forced users to pay for repairs, or even buy new computers. […]

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IKEA rolls out Smart Home Lineup that’s Affordable

ikea tradfri smart home light system

Smart Home equipment can be costly, but if it’s IKEA, it has to be affordable, right? IKEA is rolling out its own system of Smart Home Lighting called TRÅDFRI, built using ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) standard for connected lights, the same technology that powers Philips Hue. TRÅDFRI is an affordable collection of app-controlled light bulbs and […]

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IBM figures out How to Store Data on a Single Atom

ibm holonium

In what could completely revolutionize the way information is stored, IBM scientists have managed to store data in a single atom. The discovery, which was first published in the scientific journal Nature, describes that IBM researchers have been able to store a bit or information (1 or 0) on a single atom. Currently, hard drives use […]

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“Dig Once” US Bill could bring High-Speed Fiber Internet to majority of the country

dig once us bill

Soon your entire city might be powered by High-Speed Fiber Internet, thanks to a new proposal that’s gaining momentum. On Tuesday, a coalition of Tech & Free-Market groups, urged the leaders of U.S. House Energy and Commerce Communications and Technology Subcommittee to support “dig once” policies that would enable installation of broardband cabled along federally funded […]

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Learn Apple Swift in 5 new Languages

apple swift playgrounds

Want to build an App but don’t know how to code? Apple just announced that Swift Playgrounds, its iPad app designed to teach people how to code using its Swift Programming Language, is available in 5 new languages. So far, Swift Playgrounds was available only in English. Now it’s also available in Japanese, German, Simplified Chinese, […]

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Uber President Jeff Jones Quits within 6 Months of Joining

uber president jeff jones quits

Within 6 months of joining Uber, Jeff Jones, its President is quitting the company citing differences over the beliefs and approach to leadership. According to Recode’s sources, what compelled Jeff to quit are the multiple charges of sexism and sexual harassment that have come to light over the past few weeks, including the departure of its […]

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