Facebook to Launch Chatbots for Messenger Groups

facebook messenger group chat bot

Facebook will soon reveal new chatbots that work inside your Group Chats in Facebook Messenger, as reported by TechCrunch. They won’t be the typical chatbots you have conversation with. Instead, they’ll be like automated information bots that provide your group with the latest news about your topics of interest such as sports, politics, etc. They […]

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Latest Apple iOS Update Increases Phone Storage Automatically!

apple ios update apfs

Apple’s latest iOS update, 10.3, packs in quite a few useful features such as “Find my AirPod”, Search your parked car using Maps, enhancements to Siri Developer kit and Apple CarPlay. However, it’s most powerful update may have gone unnoticed – it’s new filesystem – called Apple File System (APFS). Yes, filesystems may sound boring […]

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Microsoft Adds Cortana to Android Lock Screen

Microsoft just added the ability to use its virtual assistant, Cortana, right from the lock screen of your Android phones, without even unlocking the device. On Monday, Microsoft announced the latest update to its Cortana App for Android, that allows users to add the virtual helper to your phone’s lockscreen. Once you’ve updated your Cortana App, you […]

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Samsung launches Next-Generation Payment Technology

samsung contactless companion platform

Ever wondered if you can pay money with your devices other than smart phones & watches? Samsung just launched the next-generation of payment technology called Contactless Companion Platform (CCP), a digital payments platform that allows users to pay via CCP enabled devices such as payment cards, wristbands, keyfobs, mechanical watches and even jewelry. CCP was built in […]

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Apple thinking of iPhone as a MacBook touchpad

apple iphone macbook touchpad

As discovered by Apple Insider, Apple has created a patent that shows the company experimenting with the idea of laptop-style docking stations that can hold an iPhone or iPad. The first shows a docking station that looks like Macbook where you can dock an iPhone as its touchpad. iPhone does most of the processing with Macbook like […]

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Deeplink adds in-app search for iOS similar to Google Now

deeplinking facebook zappos rockport

Deeplinking technology has been slowly gaining momentum in the mobile ecosystem. Just like hyperlinks take you from one web page to another, deeplinks take you from one app to a particular point in another. For example, when you tap a video search result in google search app, it opens in YouTube app. Deeplink.me, one of the […]

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Samsung officially unveils New Virtual Assistant, Bixby

bixby samsung virtual assistant

Yes, the rumors are true. Finally, Samsung has officially announced that its new virtual assistant is called Bixby, and it will be launched along with Samsung Galaxy S8 later this month. This will enable Samsung to take on heavy weights Apple, Google & Amazon in the field of Artificial Intelligence, starting with a voice enabled […]

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