Instagram finally adds 2-Factor Authentication

instagram 2 factor authentication

With recent news of celebrity photos being leaked online, Instagram has just added an extra layer of security to protect your photos & videos. On Thursday, Instagram made 2-Factor authentication available to all its accounts. You can activate it by tapping on the gear icon on your profile and choosing Two-Factor Authentication to turn it on. Two-factor authentication […]

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Twitter thinking of Paid Version of TweetDeck for Premium Features

twitter tweetdeck paid subscription

With slow user growth and flat revenues, Twitter seems to be exploring new opportunities to monetize some of its free offerings. The social media platform is surveying users to find out if they’d be interested in paying for an enhanced version of TweetDeck, which would offer analytics, news alerts, tools to compose and post tweets in one […]

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Google Hangouts to Remove SMS Messaging from May 22

google hangouts sms

If you use Google Hangouts to send & receive SMS, you won’t be able to do it after May 22. As per an email sent to G Suite Administrators, and posted on Reddit, Google will be removing the SMS feature from Hangouts on May 22. Staring March 27, Hangouts users will get an in-app notification about the […]

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Google adds an App Launcher within its Mobile App

google tappable shortcuts

Google’s Search App is great to search for information, with the handy cards interface and native integration to other Google Apps (such as YouTube, Maps, Calendar). Today, Google just added another useful feature to its mobile app that allows you to find information without even typing. Called “tappable shortcuts“, it’s basically an app launcher inside Google […]

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Instagram lets you Save Your Live Video to your Phone

instagram live video save

Instagram Live is a really cool feature that combines the fleeting nature of Snapchat & live video of Periscope. However, one problem of Instagram Live is that the video used to disappear after the broadcast ends. Now Instagram just added a new feature that allows you to save your video to your phone at the […]

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