Apache Config File Location in CPanel

apache config file location in cpanel

If you are using CPanel to manage Apache web server, then you can modify Apache settings directly via CPanel. Here’s Apache config file location in CPanel.


Apache Config File Location in CPanel

Here are the steps to find Apache Config File Location in CPanel and modify it according to your requirements.


1. Login to CPanel

Log into your WHM/CPanel installation as root user


2. Service Configuration

Open Service Configuration


3. Apache Configuration

Open Apache Configuration.


4. Global Configuration

Click Global configuration to access Apache’s config file via CPanel. You will be able to see Apache config file (https.conf) in a text editor. Make the required changes to it.


5. Save configuration

Save Apache config file via CPanel by clicking Save button. This will not only save the changes to Apache but also restart your web server to apply the changes.


That’s it! You can easily access and modify Apache config file via CPanel.


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