5 Powerful Ways to Improve Employee Engagement at Workplace

Improve employee engagement

High levels of employee engagement in a company are directly associated with business growth and development. High employee engagement leads to employee retention, profitability, and productivity among other things. Today, there are many ways to improve employee engagement.

We cannot even begin to talk about the importance of having an engaged workforce. Various studies point to the correlation between employee engagement and profitable revenue growth. As per Aon Hewitt, companies that show the highest engagement levels have 50 percent higher shareholder return. In an interesting revelation, the Corporate Leadership Council reported that engaged workers are 87 percent less likely to leave a company.

However, it is rare to find engaged employees. According to Gallup’s global research finds, employees who are engaged at work worldwide are not more than 13%. Similarly, as per the State of the American Workplace report, only 33% of employed residents in America are engaged at work.

It is hence very important that employers find innovative ways to improve employee engagement. Listed below are 5 powerful methods to so.


Provide Incentives

Incentives based on productivity and end result must be considered. Incentives and perks must be given to employees who meet specific criteria to improve engagement. This keeps them motivated to perform consistently and increase the competitive spirit of the team.


Select the Right Leader/Manager

It is important to remember that employees don’t leave the company, but their manager. Improving the quality of your managers is the most important thing if you want to reduce turnover and retain employees.

The best managers know that the success of an organization depends on the superior performance of its employees. In order for an employee to perform well, it is extremely essential for them to feel like a valued member. The right manager is always trying to understand the strength of each of his or her team member and help them use it at any given opportunity.

Hiring managers in a scientific manner and taking into account their Emotional Quotient (EQ) along with other leadership qualities is a good idea. How they react to specific situations and questions during the interview must also be considered.


Train Managers and Hold Them Responsible for Their Team Members Engagement

Gallup’s research states that managers are mostly the ones who are responsible for the engagement levels of their employees.

Companies must train managers in order to improve employee engagement. They must be asked to track the progress of their employees and make sure that they are emotionally engaged. Leaders must find innovative ways to keep the spirits of their employees high and constantly work upon increasing employee engagement.


Work Upon Creating a Strong Team Environment

One of the many reasons for strong employee engagement is the relationship and equation that the employees share with their colleagues and the rest of the team.

As a business owner, you must encourage your manager to increase interaction between their team members and participate in a team environment. One good way to do it would be to go out for regular outings as a team and engage in team building exercises.


Support Employee Growth and Progress

Another excellent way to improve employee engagement is by encouraging employee growth. You can support the growth of your employees by providing education and learning opportunities.

Promotions and salary increment to the right candidates will also motivate the employees and increase their engagement levels.


Offer Flexibility to Improve Employee Engagement

When the employees know that you care for them and are worried about the issues that concern them, they will naturally be inclined to be faithful to you. This will also most certainly increase their engagement with you.

Flexibility in regards to work timing will give employees the freedom to adjust their work schedule or location to suit their requirements. People are found to be more productive when they don’t have to follow the rigid 8 am – 5 pm timings.



While there are many more ways to improve employee engagement, by following the 5 methods described above, you will certainly see a lot of difference.

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