5 Best Free Intercom Alternatives For Your Business

intercom alternatives

Communication is key to success in all types of business ventures, big or small. This is where live messaging platforms assume significance, particularly when liaising with clients in an attempt to boost business. Intercom.io is a leader in the arena of online live messaging platforms enabling you to chat with clients in real time. It also offers you marketing aids to track user interaction and finalize deals. Sounds great, right? However, the downside to Intercom is the expense involved which can run quite high as it is based on the sum total of user conversations. Also, there is no free subscription tier option that might be useful in familiarizing yourself with the platform before committing to a paid subscription. These are some of the reasons why you might want to consider other free Intercom alternatives such as:



The best part about Crisp for many is the free tier that offers access to all essential aspects, locking the analytics, and some other add-on features. Its LiveChat platform is a worthy competitor to Intercom’s and comes with features like rich media including GIFs, link snippets, and video/audio messages besides offering you an in-chat game too.



Reminiscent of the Intercom UI in terms of functionality as well as aesthetics, Drift is definitely one of the best Intercom alternatives but not the cheapest once you look past the free tier. The catch with the free tier is that there is a maximum cap of 100 active contacts. However, the presence of an AI virtual assistant in the live conversation makes up for this and then some.



Tawk can be easily called the cheapest of all Intercom alternatives since it is an entirely free live messaging platform. If your requirements are limited to embedding a chat widget in your app or website, this should suffice. However, be warned that it lacks the sophisticated UI as well as marketing automation that can help in pushing sales.



Brought to you by FreshWorks, this proactive sales and messaging platform is looking to dethrone Intercom in the near future. Highlights of Freshchat are no limits on number of contacts, a 30-day chat history, ten agents, and some basic functionality. You can try this free for a month or thereabouts and then decide on whether to continue with it or not.



What distinguishes UseResponse from other Intercom alternatives is the fact that it lets you communicate via messaging platforms like Facebook, Viber, and Skype to name a few. It has all the basic functionalities that are essential to a customer messaging platform. UseResponse offers a trial period that lasts a fortnight and offers you three modules to choose from – HelpDesk, Feedback, and Knowledge Base.


Wrapping Up

Intercom is, no doubt, a powerful presence in the live chat messenger space enabling you to manage sales prospects, email automation, and lead generation from one dashboard. But, unless you are comfortable spending a significant amount on this, it might soon be time to consider other options in the customer messaging segment.


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