5 Best Cloud Hosting Services for Small Business

best cloud hosting services for small business

Cloud hosting means hosting your websites on multiple (virtual) servers that draw resources from physical servers. This kind of infrastructure enrures that your sites are up and running even if any of the underlying servers are disconnected. The cloud service provider will charge you for the features that you have used. They also offer real time solutions that will help your company in scaling. All the features that cloud hosting services provides are a boon for small, evolving companies which are working on a shoestring budget.

Here are some of the cloud hosting services for small business that will definitely help you to be on top of your game:


Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a SaaS used globally, across thousands of businesses and verticals. In addition to offering simple storage services, Amazon web services also offers its users the facilities like

  • CloudDrive – through which you can sync & access photos, music, and files etc., on all your web connected devices
  • Mechanical Turk – on which you can integrate human intelligence with your software
  • Dynamo Database – a fully-managed database for large datasets

Thier cloud hosting service also boasts of having several layers of physical and operational services.


Microsoft Azure

There is no doubt that Microsoft is a name trusted by millions and that’s because Microsoft delivers every time.

Azure can change itself dynamically by recognizing the needs of your business and it also analyses the performance through all the empirical data present.

It saves your time which you can spend on growing your business instead of building its infrastructure. From a user’s point of view, they get a great experience due to better uptime and geographic availability.

This too, like Amazon web services, has exceptional security measures which are useful for SMBs and enterprises alike.



InterServer is one of the best solution of cloud hosting services for small business as it is fast, reliable, and one of the cheaper options in cloud hosting.

It offers a number of hosting plans including, but not limited to, unlimited storage and data transfer. It has a number of features that are customizable according to the needs of your business.

InterServer is also very transparent when it comes to fees and also gives you a price lock guarantee which means that you will not have to pay exorbitant amount for their service later.


Google Cloud

Google is dominating the market everywhere, so it’s quite obvious that Google’s cloud hosting service is top of the line.

It allows you to host websites, docs, databases, spreadsheets, image and video saving, presentation program, etc., in one platform which you can access anywhere, anytime.

Not to mention that Google’s cloud hosting in completely free of cost, making it an ideal cloud hosting service for small business which do not have much expendable income.

It also allows an easy collaboration with team members as you can share data or apps online with a number of your team mates.

Google also allows a large amount of free online space on which you can store anything you want to. If you run out of that free space, then you can always buy more for a small amount.


Cloud Ways

According to their own website, you have the entire control of your cloud server which you can even utilize to create apps, this is in direct contrast to shared hosting where your actions are limited.

Their feature, Free WordPress Cache Plugin, is created in-house that will be efficient for you to use, it even comes preinstalled on Cloudways so you won’t have to take an additional step.



Each of the above cloud hosting service provides tons of features that can help you run your small business smoothly. The key is to be clear about your requirements, try a pilot project on each of tha above platforms and then decide which one fits your needs. This will help you evaluate real-world performance of each platform and better estimate associated costs sooner than later.


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