4 Important Website Usage Metrics for Ecommerce websites

Website usage metrics tell you what works and what doesn’t on your website. Every Ecommerce business needs to understand how frequently and for how long your users are staying on your website. These can be tracked by site usage metrics. They tell you about user preferences. You can refine your website & product catalog, provide special offers accordingly.

4 Important Website Usage Metrics for Ecommerce sites

  • Clicks to Buy (CTB) – This is the total number of clicks as user has to make before he/she buys an item . This should be as less as possible. The more the number of clicks the more the chances of users dropping off your site. Also it means that the users need to browse a lot before they find something interesting or what they were looking for.
  • Top [x] pages where sessions are abandoned – These are the pages where the users frequently drop off your site. You may need to add more product pages on those pages to keep the user interest alive. These product pages can be based on user’s preferences or interests. They can also be related to the products they had visited before they arrived on the last page.
  • Number of featured products clicks on home page – This site usage metric tells you if the users are interested in looking at the featured products on your website. Based on frequency of clicks, you can add more or replace the featured products.
  • Top product pages by views – This site usage metric tells you which are the top products that the users like to see on your website. You can also group these top products by category, brand, price range or other attribute to get a clear idea of the user preferences. Once you know this, you can promote similar products on your site.


You can set monthly goals for each of these website usage metrics and refine your product offerings based on the results. Tracking them daily, taking action based on periodic review will get you there over time.

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