10 Best Cyber Security Solutions for Small Businesses

best cyber security solutions for small business

Since almost every business is online, many consumers now prefer to buy goods and services through online business websites. This phenomenon has forced business owners to open online websites in order to serve their consumers. But, with internet business models, there’s a drawback, which is their security aspect. Hackers, malware attacks, viruses are nothing new since they have attacked even the largest business websites. Furthermore, there’s a new breed of such malicious attacks which is known as ransomware. In order to protect your online business activities, you must definitely learn about the best cyber security solutions for small businesses.


Top 10 Cyber Security Solutions for Small Businesses

Running a small business successfully and safeguarding it from any type of cyber attacks is no small thing. Every small business owner must seek and educate themselves about some of the best cyber security solutions for small businesses.



When it comes to cyber security, Comodo can be labeled as one of the pioneers of the industry, as they’ve truly disrupted the area. An award-winning international security service provider, Comodo offers both free and premium security solutions which are pretty affordable.

Comodo One is the free IT management platform from this company that offers RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management), Service Desk, and Patch Management. On the other hand, we have got Comodo SecureBox which allows you to safeguard your apps from malware-infested devices.

Comodo Endpoint helps you in secure your networks from malware attacks automatically. Comodo also offers free antivirus program, firewall protection, free internet security, and many more features.


Stay Safe Online

National Cyber Security Alliance has developed a tremendous cyber security solution named Stay Safe Online. This security solution features several resources and tools that enable small business owners protect their businesses from data loss, cyber attacks, and many others.

With this, you can seamlessly train your employees on how to be safe and secure online. Additionally, you will also learn what to do after a cyber attack and how to report an attack to appropriate authorities.



Again, a highly-popular and widely-used cyber security provider, Cloudflare has been providing top notch services to its customer for a long time.

If you’re looking for a free cyber security tool, Cloudflare offers an efficient one which protects your website from DoS and SQL injection attacks.

It has the ability to detect and block the attacks automatically before they even happen. The user can also have the ability of track the behavior of their visitors and block IPs of suspicious ones.


HTTPS Everywhere

If you’ve got some important business files or information in your computer, you must be wary of your browsing activity.

Any type of malicious website visits can hinder your business security. While HTTPS is a common web protocol where the websites with this feature are considered secure, it still is packed with some non-HTTPS webpages, which is a drawback.

In order to be protective with this aspect, you can simply use the HTTPS Everywhere, a browser add-on, which encrypts information and communication while you’re browsing websites. This extension is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and several Android web browsers.



It’s an undeniable fact that encryption is a highly essential aspect that contributes to your digital security. Encrypting your files makes it near to impossible for the hackers or attackers to open and read your sensitive files.

AxCrypt is an encryption software that allows you to encrypt your files with 128-bit module for free, whereas the premium version lets you encrypt files with an advanced 256-bit key.


Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

Usually, almost every business location is equipped with a Wi-Fi network to offer internet to employees, clients, and customers. But, wireless networks are highly vulnerable to outsider attacks, which is why you need to focus on securing it.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is a software that offers a great set of security solutions for your Wi-Fi network. It analyzes your Wi-Fi traffic and their behavior and safeguards your from any type of malicious or suspicious usage. It also helps you secure any unauthorized access points.



How about a security solution that secures all bases? Well, ESET does exactly that as it protects your computers, USB drives, Mobiles devices, Servers, and Networks. ESET offers a Secure Business pack that allows you to safeguard Mac and Windows computers, Android and iPhones, email accounts, and file servers as well.

ESET also offers customization, where you can seamlessly build your own security tool according to your preferences.

Additionally, ESET also offers several security solution features such as two-factor authentication, email and file security, encryption, and many more.



One of the main aspects of your security depends on the passwords you set for your devices and accounts. Random.org lets you create super-strong passwords with alphanumeric characters with just a click. It is basically a random password generator which produces highly secure passwords for you.



Identity theft is a no joke threat, as many a man have fallen victim to this type of attacks. In order to protect your company, try using CSID which is a business identity protection service.

It provides you several security features such as fraud detection, threat intelligence, credit services, data breach protector, transaction analysis, and many more.

Voice biometrics and global ID verification protocol are a couple of sophisticated features that are being offered by CSID.



If you’ve got employees who usually log in to your business network from outside office network, for any work-related purposes, your security protocols become vulnerable.

A hacker can piggyback into your network through your employee, who’s an authorized user. In order to combat such situations, using a highly reliable VPN like OpenVPN can help you by leaps and bounds.

Through OpenVPN, you’re adding a secondary security layer, which makes it safer for your employees to access your business network without any trouble.


Final Words

The cyber security of your business depends on various aspects. The above mentioned are some of the highly important cyber security factors, which is why you should definitely try to follow the best cyber security solutions for small businesses mentioned above. Several of them offer free packages as well, so try them out and see if they really fit your requirements.


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